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Are you looking for a an Independent Casa Particular in Cuba which allows you to enjoy maximum comfort and privacy during your stay in the Island? If the answer is "YES"' then you are in the right place. is the only website that focuses only on the best independent Casa Particular in Cuba. We offer the possibility to book high quality, fully independent flats and houses (casas particulares) in all the main destinations throughout Cuba. When we say "independent", we truly mean it:

landlords of the properties listed on this website, never live in the casa particular you will book.

We bet you will find the perfect casa particular to spend a memorable vacation in Cuba.

Casa Particular: definition

In Cuba a Casa Particular is the equivalent of Bed & Breakfast.

By definition, a Casa Particular belongs to a Cuban private citizen which obtained from the government a license that allows him to rent his property out to tourists.

In order to get the license, the property must meet strict quality standards. For example, the Casa must have air-conditioning, hot water, TV and a fridge.

As a result a Cuban Casa Particular usually guarantees high level of comfort.

90% of all Cuban Casa Particular consist of one or more bedrooms inside the property where the landlord lives with his family.

However, we only focus on independent Casas Particular. This means that our customers always have their private entrance and never share any part of their accommodation with the host.

Casa Particular: History

The Casa Particular is a great example of the legendary hustling skills of Cuban people: since the early 90s of the 20th century (20 years before the Sharing Economy became main stream in the US and Europe) Cubans started to rent rooms inside their house to the first tourists who arrived in the Island. This happened during the so called "Periodo Especial", a time of tremendous financial and economic crisys for the country. In the immediate aftermath of the fall of the USSR and Berlin Wall, many Cuban found themselves with hardly any financial resources practically overnight. To make ends meet in such a dramatic situation, some people started to rent to tourists their "private house" ("Casa Particular" , in the Spanish language).

Until 1997 this business practice was completelly illegal. However, the Cuban governemnt never pursued a systematic crack down on this phenomenon.During those years Cuba was opening up to international tourism. The government had made the strategic decision to bet on tourism in order to secure a source of foreign currency to the country. Nevertheless, Cuba was not yet equipped with the necessary infrastructure needed to accomodate the growing flow of tourists from abroad. In order to match demand, several big projects where started to build hotel facilities that could meet tourists' tastes and expectations. However, while several thousands of hotel room where built and furnished, it was necessary to provide some accommodation to tourists Casas Particulares where a great temporary solution to face the problem.

In 1997 things changed: the Government started to issue patents to Cuban citizens who wanted to rent their private homes to tourists. This was beneficial for all the parties involved.

The Cuban Government secured to itself a steady income deriving from the issuing of Casa Particular licenses.

Also the local population benefited from this reform: families who are in the business of Casas Particulares lead a comfortable life.

Last but not least, tourists can enjoy a unique travelling experience, radically different and more authentic than the usual holiday in an all-Inclusive resort of the Carribeans.

Casa VS Hotel

Casas are cheaper:prices start from the equivalent of 20 usd per night for a whole flat. In contrast, Cuban hotels are notorious for being rather expensive. Prices start from 40 usd per night per person and can easily go up to 400 usd per night per person.

A Casa Particular in Cuba offers great value for money: hotels, which are always state owned, usually are in desperate need for refurbishing and maintanance. In contrast the general state of Casas Particulares (private property by definition) tends to be way better.

Better Service: cuban Hosts are strongly motivated to make sure that their customers feel happy, comes back and leaves positive reviews on the internet. In contrast, staff of state own hotels are less oriented towards customer satisfaction. Their salaries are really low and they have no financial incentive that motivates them to contribute to the commercial success of the facilities where they work.

La Casa Particular enables you to get in touch with the real Cuba.

Why an Indipendente Casa Particular?

More Privacy: You don't need to go through the landlord's living room to reach your bedroom.

Easier to have a good time with your cuban friends, boyfriend or girlfriend.

You don't share with the host any of the following: kitchen, bathroom, TV, living room...

Cook at home and have extremely cheap home-made meals.