We do our very best to help you to have fun in Cuba. By providing you with a truly independent Casa Particular, we make sure that during your stay in Cuba you will feel free and comfortable. Most importantly we will provide you with the high privacy level that is necessary to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones.

The start up of the business dates back to early 2015, when the two founders decided to turn their passion for Cuba into a tool that could help others to enjoy the Island. The website went live in May 2015, listing only a few dozens casas. Since then, the operation has quickly grown in terms of revenues, staff and listings. 3 years down the road, the website has served over 10.000 tourists and lists 500+ properties.
The company is registered in Bilbao (Spain).
The Business

Tomas De La Mata

Bilbao La Vieja 31
48003 Bilbao,

Reg. #: 30589449R


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YourCasaParticular.com grows every day! In order to satisfy the growing demand of our customers, we need to add new independent Casas Particulares.

If you own an Independent Casa Particular in Cuba, you can promote it for free on our website.

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