Data Protection Policy

In order to continously improve its service to its users, has modified its privacy policy and cookie policy, which is now fully compliant to EU General Data Protection Regulation also know as GDPR (EU 679/2016). We invite you to read carefully our policy before you continue using our website.

  1. This websites uses Google Analytics Cookies. This allows us to gather statistics on the usage of the website. For example we are able to determine how many times the website is visited, which pages are most popular, where our users are. Data collected through Google Analytics allow us to understand users' behaviour and preference only in an aggregated form and in a totally anonimous fashion. This means that we we may know that a certain number of people visited the website today from a given country using mobile devices, but we don't know the identity of visitors. Data are kept by Google for 36 moths.
  2. This website uses proprietary cookies to give a better user experience and assign referral commissions to those who participate to our affiliate program. We store users IP address, Unix timestamp and affiliate code (if any). Also in this case the identity of the user is unknown to us. Cookies are valid for 30 days, while cookies data are kept by us for 24 months.
  3. In accordance to the "Data Minimization Principle" (GDPR art. 5 c) this website collects only customers' data which are strictly required to deliver its core services. For example, when a customer books or enquires about a given property, we collect the customer's name, surname and email, desired check in and check out date, UNIX timestamp, IP address, chosen accommodations, flight information, arrival time. We use this Data to deliver our booking service and to improve our customers' experience in Cuba, also by offering complementary services. Data provided by customers are kept for 36 months.
  4. The User understands and accepts that may contact the user to offer goods and services which are complementary to its core offerings, either directly or through our partners.
  5. Users' Data are stored in the cloud in the German Data Centre of our hosting partner
  6. Mr. Tomas La Mata Morales is responsible for Data Security and enforcement of the GRDP rules. For any questions or doubts you can contact us at Of course you can contact us at any time to have your Data removed from our Data Base.

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