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Affiliate Program Overview

-Receive a 10% affilitate commission for every sale:

The affiliate commision is calculated on the the down payment customers make as they book their accommodation.


You refer to us John, which books 2 bedrooms in Havana for 4 nights. The final price of John's accommodation is 200 cuc. When John books must pay 45 usd (including transaction costs) on our website and will pay. 160 cuc in Cuba.

As an affiliate you ' ll receive 10% of the 45 usd John paid to book.

That would be 4,50 usd for you :-)

Since on average we make 28 usd for every booking , as an affiliate you can expect to earn an avarage of 2,80 usd per booking. This figure varies depending on the size of the booking and there is no cap.

- First Referrer gets the money:

If you refer a customer to us today and next week the customer comes back to the website through a different affiliate or marketing channel (including social media, Google AdWords, etc) and makes the purchase, the commission is credited to you, as you were the first one to introduce the customer to our website.

- Cookies expire 30 days after installation.

Booking decisions are usually rather quick. On avarage the time between the first visit and the booking is 3.5 days. This figure tends to decrease as more and more hosts switch to "Real time Booking" mode.

As a result, a 30 days expiry period is totally fair.

- Get paid through Bank Transfer.

The affiliate portal will allow you to specify the bank details of the bank account where you want us to semd us your money.

- Minimum Amount Required.

We will send you your commissions after having reached a minimum amount of 50 usd in earned commissions.

- Transaction costs are splitted 50-50

Costs associated with payments we make to our affiliates are split in equal parts between us and the affiliate recieving the money.

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