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Terms and Conditions

The website is run by Tomas de la Mata Inc. , a business incorporated in Bilbao (Spain).

Acceptance of Conditions:

Once you have access to our website or our service, our terms of use are stated, which you have to read, try to understand and finally submit to them.

We have the free right to make, any time, changes and modifications in these terms of use. You should consult these terms on regular basis in order to be informed continuously of eventual changes.

The user understands and accepts the following:

1) YourCasaParticular is NOT a travel agency.

2) YourCasaParticular only facilitates the information flow and communication between guests and Cuban hosts.

3) Under no circumstances YourCasaParticular can be held responsible for the accuracy of reservations, errors or omissions contained on the website nor for the behaviour of any of the parties involved (neither guests nor hosts).

4) The content of this site, including text and images, belongs to Using our contents without our written authorization constitutes a severe violation of Copyright laws. We will report any fraudolent usage of our intellectual property to the authorieties and we will undertake appropriate legal actions against offenders.

5) has the right to charge commissions for his services. Commissions are already included in the final price of Casas. Commissions are charged in the form of down payment. The Guest CANNOT:

- Ask the landlord for any refund. Refund requests should be submitted to under the rules established by Terms and Conditions.

- Consider commissions paid to as a partial payment of the Casa rent, in case he or she wants to stay at the Casa for less days than agreed when booking was finalized.

6) When the reservation of one or more Casa Particular is finalized through a down payment, a 5 US Dollars transation fee must be paid to For every transaction, 5 US Dollars will be charged. However, multiple bookings can be grouped into a single transaction upon Guest request. In this case only a flat 5 US Dollars fee will be charged for the whole payment.

7) YourCasaParticular will refund in full the customer if the Cuban landlord cannot keep his commitment and the property booked by the customer turns out to be unavailable at the time of check-in. The same guarantee applies to airport-pick up services in case the driver could not reach the airport on time for service delivery. Refund will take place through PayPal (when refund amount is less than 50 usd) or through Bank Transfer (refund amount is more than 50 usd) within 14 days after having received all the necassary information to carry out the operation.

8) To claim a refund the guest needs to contact our customer service through the Customer Service Portal (access link provided in the confirmtion email) within the following time frames :

- less than 7 days after the expected airport pick-up date (Taxi Booking)

- less than 7 days after the expected Check-In date (Casa Booking)

The Guest should explain the problems experienced using the appropriate field in the Customer Service Portal.

The user understands as well that after relevant deadlines have passed, the Guest cannot demand any refund.

9) Should a reserved property turn out to be unavailable before check-in date, YourCasaParticular will proactively contact the customer to offer one or more available alternatives. If none of the alternative options is satisfactory for the Customer, YourCasaParticular will proactively offer a full refund.

10) The customer is not entitled to any refund in case he or she finds that the property booked does not meet in full his taste or expectations.

11) The customer is not entitled to any refund in case any facility of the property booked turns out to be broken, unavailable or not functioning properly. This applies to all the facilities of the accommodation, including swimming-pools, air-conditioning, elevators, ovens, fans, kitchen equipment, hydraulic system, pipes, sanitaries and all the other things that are part of the property rented.

12) The website shows prices/night in CUC specifying seasonality variations (when applicable) and whether the set price is per bedroom or for the entire property. Maximum bedroom capacity is always 2 people, unless differently specified on the website.

13) In order to avoid misunderstandings about pricing and to guarantee the maximum level of fairness and transparency, sends out automated Confirmation emails to both Hosts and Guests, stating in writing final price, down payment made by the Guest and amount to be paid in Cuba to the Host. The Guest agrees to the following:

a) Show and hand-in to the Host the Confirmation email at Check-In.

b) Pay cash the full amount due to the Host at Check-In.

14) protects guests against overcharges. If the Guest is overcharged in Cuba by the host, he can file a complaint through the Customer Service Portal. A scan or picture of an official reciept (compulsory under the Cuban Law) issued by the Host will be required for the refund to be approved. The reciept must clearly shows that the Guest was charged a daily price that is higher than the one stated in the Confirmation email. In this case will offer full refund of down payment and transaction costs.

15) The user can cancel his reservation at any time, without any additional cost. When a reservation is cancelled by the customer, he or she is not entitled to claim any refund of the sums paid for the booking.

16) After booking is confirmed, no change is allowed. It is hereby espicitelly escluded the possibility to demand a Casa Particular change, to modify check-in and check out dates, decrease number of bedrooms, change the time, date and location of airport pick-up services.

17) In all cases that follow under article 16) the customer cannot claim a refund. However he or she is free to make a new booking but standard fees and charges will apply to the new booking.

18) YourCasaParticular can cancel properties from the website as it wishes, without any notice and without providing any explanation to the LandLord.

19) YourCasaParticular can modify the price of the properties listed on the website as it wishes, without any notice and without providing any explanation to the LandLord.

20) Landlords often do not live in close proximity to the property offered for rent. In order to make sure that the Landlord (or someone representing him or her) is available to carry out check in formalities when the the Guest arrives, the latter has the responsability to communicate to the landlord his or her expected time of arrival. This can be done using our Check-In Time Tool or using the contact details provided in the confirmation email.

21) Should the user fail to communicate the estimated time of arrival, cannot be held responsable for the impossibility to access the booked property when the user arrives for check in.

22) The Landlord has the right to cancell the reservation unilaterally if, having tried to contact the guest 3 or more times after reservation, he receives no answers. Under such circumstances, the guest loses the right to claim any refund.

23) cannot be held responsible in the case the reserved property cannot be accessed by the guest due to natural events (hurricanes, eartquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires) or political events , including parades, demonstrations and riots taking place in the Island.

24) has the right to change the service terms and conditions without any notice and how it sees fit.

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