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Cuban Visas

Getting a Cuban Visa for Tourism is easy, as the Island issues Visas on arrival directly in the airport where you are landing.

After landing, each tourist go through Inmigration ckeck points, where he or she will be asked to present the following:

- Medical Insurance, valid for the whole stay in Cuba (compulsory)

- reservation of the flight ticket to exit the Island (compulsory)

- Tourist Card (compulsory)

As everybody is familiar with the concepts of flight ticket and medical insurance, we will focus on the Tourist Card.

All About the 'Tarjeta del Turista'

Basically, the Tourist Card is a paper which the tourist must fill up with his or her personal data: name,msurename, passport number, date of birth and citizenship.

The Tourist card is made of 2 equal parts. Both must be filled up.

The Immigration officer will check the Tourist Card. He will keep one of the two parts amd will stamp the other part, which will be handed back to the tourist.

From that moment, the tourist has a Tourist Visa valid for up to 30 days. The Visa can be renewed a few days before its expiry date at any Immigration office.

It is very important that the tourist keeps good care of its half of the Tourist Card. Before departure, Immigracion will require you to present and hand in your half of the Tourist card.

Moreover, everytime a foreigner checks in at any Hotel or Casa Particular, the Tourist Card must be shown.

Where to Buy your 'Tarjeta del Turista'

Tourist Cards can be purchased at travel agencies for a price which usually ranges between 35 and 45 Euros, per card.

However, it is also possible to buy Tourist Cards on the Internet saving up to 40%. sells Tourist Cards all over Europe, Canada and US for 25 Euros each. Shipping costs are waved if one buys 3 or more Cards.

Click here to buy your Tourist Card.

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