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Casas Particular in Havana

Havana Vieja

La Catedral in Havana Vieja

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Havana Vieja is the old colonial heart of the city. Protected by Unesco, Havana Vieja enchants visitors from all over the world with the timeless beauty of places like the Cathedral, Paseo del Prado and Plaza Vieja. In Havana Vieja you will find cozy and charming Casas Particulares.

Centro Havana

El Capitolio in Centro Havana

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Centro Havana stretches between Habana Vieja and Vedado. While you visit the Capitol il Capitoli and China Town, you can observe the daily street life of common Havana people. If you are looking for an affordable Casa PArticular in Havana, this is the rightt place.


 Focsa building in Vedado

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Built in the 1950s, El Vedado is the most "modern" area of the Cuban Capital. At sunset, its skyline is simply breath-taking. Here you will find many bars, restaurants and clubs. If you want to have fun , book a Casa Particular in Vedado.


Russian Embassy in Miramar

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Miramar is by far the poshest area in Havana. Local elites live here. In this area you will find the most elegant villas from the 1920s, embassies, the most fashionable clubs and also the most exclusive restaurants and clubs.

Why a Casa Particular in Havana?

Havana is the capital of Cuba. Sure enough this is a must see city during your holidays in Cuba.

The city is big (5 millions inhabitants), diverse, culturally rich and beautifull.

In Havana you will find a great deal of bars, restaurants, night clubs, shops, monuments, museums and cultural events. Of course you will also find a Casa Particular that suits your needs. Don' t miss the Cathedral, Paseo del Prado, the Capitol, Plaza de la Revolucion and the famous Malecon.

With over 150 Casas Particulares in Havana , we can provide you with plenty of accommodation options in every area of touristic interest. Each area of the city has its own peculiarities, so it is important to evaluate well where to book your Casa Particular..

For example, if you are into night life, then you 'd be better off booking a Casa Particular in Vedado.

If you are after relax and luxory, you 'll want to book a Casa Particular in Miramar.

A Casa Particular in Centro Havana is an excellent choice for tourists on a tight budget, who want to lodge in a strategic location that allows them to reach all the major attraction of the city on foot or using the famous collective taxis.

Finally, travellers who want to immerge themselves into the charm of the colonial area of the city, a Casa Particular in Havana vieja is definitelly the best choice. In order to see all the casas available in the various areas of the city, please click on the pictures you find in the upper part of this page.

Top 10 Casas Particulares in Havana

Casa Franco I
Bedroom in Casa Particular Franco in Havana ViejaFrom 40 CUC per Night/Room
2 2 2 2

Casa Particular in the same street as the Bodeguita del Medio... + Info

Casa Ariel y Yanet
Bedroom in Casa Particular Ariel y Yanet in  Havana ViejaFrom 42 CUC per Night/Room
1 1 1 1

Colourful independent apartment in Havana Vieja. Nice Balcony... + Info

Casa Casanova
Terrace of Casa Particular Casanova, in Havana Vieja From 40 CUC per Night/Room
3 3 1 1

Casa Particular 20 meters away from the Plaza Vieja... + Info

Casa Gloria y Tony
Living room of Casa Particular Gloria y Tony in Havana - VedadoFrom 40 CUC per Night/Room
4 3 1 1

Apartment right on the Malecon.Breath-taking sea-view.... + Info

Casa Cristina
Living room of Casa Particular Cristina in Havana CentroFrom 25 CUC per Night/Room
2 2 1 1

Great value for money in Centro Havana. Convenient location.... + Info

Casa Nana
Kitchen of Casa Particular Nana in Centro HavanaFrom 42 CUC per Night/Room
2 2 1 1

Totally Independent and really cozy accommodation in Havana... + Info

Casa Anabel
Bedroom of Casa Anabel Havana - VedadoFrom 40 CUC per Night/Room
1 1 1 1

Great accommodation on the Rampa (cale 23) in Vedado... + Info

Casa Loida
Living room in Casa Particuar Loida in Havana - VedadoFrom 30 CUC per Night/Room
2 2 1 1

Fully private and close to the night life of the Vedado... + Info

Casa Villa RosaSwimming-pool of Villa Rosa - Casa Particular in Havana.
From 48 CUC per Night/Room
2 2 1 1

Swimming pool villa in Santa Fe. Great privacy ... + Info

Casa Villa Myriam
Casa Particular with swimming pool in Havana - Villa MyriamFrom 47 CUC per Night/Room
3 3 1 1

Low cost swimming pool villa very close to the beach... + Info

10 Fact on Casas PArticulares in Havana

  1. In 2017 the Casa Particular business grew by 17% year over year.

  2. In 2017 the average price per night for a bedroom in Havana was 31,2 cuc

  3. All' Havana there are about 9.300 host (arrendadores) who hold a license to rent to foreign tourists. On average, each hosts rents 2,25 bedrroms.

  4. All Havana Casas Particulares combines offer to tourists 21.000 bedrooms for rent for a total of over 44.000 beds.

  5. Doctors are the most represented professional category among Havana hosts.

  6. In 2017, Havana hosts have paid to the government about $ 8.820.000 for their Casa Particular licenses. On top of the license, hosts must pay an additional 10% of their declared revenues to the local taxman (ONAT)

  7. It is estimated that in Havana, there is an additional 15% of bedrooms that are rented without any license.

  8. In 2017 Hosts in Havana reported average annual revenues of about 2800 usd (235 usd per month). It is estimated that reported revenues are well below real figures .

  9. The Casa Particular Business in Havana has been so successfull to attract the interests (and capitals) of many residents of the Cuban capital. As a result prices of real estate in the most strategic areas of Havan more than duobled during the last 3 years.

  10. In August 2017, the Cuban Government stopped issuing new licenses for new Casas Particulares. This move was caused by rampant fiscal frauds and wild growth of the sector during the last 3 years.

Maps of Casas Particulares in Havana Vieja

Maps of Casas Particulares in Centro Havana

Maps of Casas Particulares in Vedado - Havana

Maps of Casas Particulares in Miramar

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